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Add VAT to a price - VAT Calculation

To work out how to add VAT to a price you can do this with our VAT Calculator or if you want to do this yourself then you can use the following sums to work this out.

Alternatively you may want to see how to Take VAT Off a price

Adding VAT to a price

We shall work it based on the current VAT rate of 17.5%.
To add VAT on at a different VAT rate simply replace the 17.5 in the first line with the new relevant VAT rate.

To begin with you need to work out the multiplier:
17.5 ÷ 100 = 0.175
0.175 + 1 = 1.175

Multiplier = 1.175

Net Price (price before tax) multiplied by 1.175 = Gross Price (Price after tax)


£10 * 1.175 = £11.75

In the above example £10 was the price before VAT, and the £11.75 is the price with the 17.5% VAT added on

Use our free VAT Calculator to work out VAT and net prices, great to use when doing a VAT return
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